[Skirt turning] Mine-chan on the way home from the morning. ESCA

[Skirt turning] Mine-chan on the way home from the morning. ESCA

I’m Rito the Bird Master.
The best work ever made
Is it the morning return from Toh-yoko? I found mines early in the morning! Thinking that this kind of chance will never come again, I started shooting desperately!
There are 5 scenes in total
�� At the beginning, a self-portrait
I was already filming on the escalator,
It was a ridiculously suspicious move, so I received a look of contempt.
�� Check your pants first on the escalator!
I got raw bread! !
��Escalator Part2
Taking advantage of the fact that it’s early in the morning and there’s no one around, I challenged myself to turn up my skirt! Because I was wearing a double skirt, I succeeded in shooting without being noticed!
��Wait for the train
I can finish with this. . Camera shot! Flipping is also successful
��In the car
Have you been drinking until morning? I was tired and fell asleep. At the right time, I took a flip-up shot, but at last there was divine punishment. . .
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■ 4 minutes 22 seconds
■ 883MB 4k
*This video was taken with the consent of a model over 20 years old.
*Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.

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